How it works

Diagnostic methods – Alternatives

ProsMedic’s method is based on one simple blood test and the result is obtained within hours. Further analysis makes biological tumor grading possible.

The quality of a diagnostic test is defined by its sensitivity and specificity. This is is depicted in a ROC curve. The bigger the area under the curve the better is the test. The estimated ExoPro curve is far better than any other known diagnostic prostatic cancer procedure.

Insidence of false positives Invasive Diagnose Final diagnoses Biological grading
PSA Yes No Primary No No
Stockholm 3* Yes No Primary No Yes, by algoritm
MR Yes No Primary No No
Ultra sound Yes No Primary No No
Biopsy Yes No Primary No Yes
ProsMedic Significantly better than existing methods No Primary/Final Yes Yes

About ProsMedic

Quick facts

  • ProsMedic is a public Swedish company founded in November 2017.
  • The shares are Euroclear registered.
  • ProsMedic´s method is R&D classified.
  • No regulatory certificate is needed from Läkemedelsverket (Swedish Medical Products Agency) or others.
  • ProsMedic started IVDR certification process in August 2022.