Revolutionizing cancer diagnostics
 with one simple blood test

How it works
  • One simple blood test
  • Final diagnosis within hours
  • Outstanding reliability

A game-changing diagnostic method

With a single blood test we can determine presence of significant prostate cancer. The method is easy to adapt to existing laboratory automation systems. The current tests on the market can only show the potential risk of cancer and require further testing or biopsy to determine a clear result. The ProsMedic test requires no further testing or biopsy.

How it works

Detection and diagnosis with one test

Our mission is to reduce prostate cancer mortality with a test truly suitable for screening and early detection.

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The statistics that drive our scientists

Prostate cancer kills more men in Sweden than any other cancer

Traditional diagnostic methods cause unnecessary suffering

Waiting for a cancer diagnosis, regardless of outcome, is very stressful. Traditional methods include multiple steps that are both invasive, sometimes painful and require a lot of waiting. ProsMedic’s method is a single-step process that only takes a few hours. The test will accurately tell presence of prostate cancer.

Huge amounts to be saved

The annual societal cost of prostate cancer worldwide is over 25 billion US dollars. By using ProsMedic's test, the costs will be significantly reduced.