Reason to invest

Eliminate over treatment that costs our society millions

There is an urgent need in society for a simple test, suited for cancer screening. For example, most operations for prostate cancer have been done without due cause, which means completely unnecessary costs. With ProsMedic, that changes completely. With our single-step process, it is estimated that global costs for treatment of prostate cancer can be reduced by half.

Stop unnecessary suffering and revolutionize cancer care

Overtreatment is not only costly, it also puts people through unnecessary suffering. Waiting for a diagnosis, regardless of the outcome, is extremely stressful. It is also a fact that the early detection of cancer is the key to successful treatment. With ProsMedic on the market, it will be more feasible to open up for broader screening, and even self-testing at home.

A completely unique solution

The fact that cancer exosomes leak into the blood from the tumor is the basis for our ground-breaking diagnostic method. ProsMedic’s method is unique and protected by patents.

Key numbers

1 blood sample

One blood sample is all we need to detect prostate cancer.

8 years

Patients can live 8 years longer on average if cancer is detected earlier through screening and can be treated. And many will be totally cured.

40 years of research

ProsMedic’s solution is the product of over 40 years of dedicated research. The key to the solution came from the discovery of small vesicles in prostate fluid that act like messengers in the body.

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About ProsMedic

Quick facts

  • ProsMedic is a public Swedish company founded in November 2014.
  • The shares are Euroclear registered.
  • ProsMedic´s method is R&D classified.
  • No regulatory certificate is needed from Läkemedelsverket (Swedish Medical Products Agency) or others.
  • ProsMedic started IVDR certification process in August 2022.
  • Validation I,II and III in blood banks in Umeå, Uppsala and Münster will be ready in Q4 2022.